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Tenders: Find New Opportunities on SupplyFinder

Tenders offer vital opportunities for companies of all sectors, shapes and sizes to win new business. Up-to-date knowledge on tender opportunities can be the key to unlocking new and bigger markets and taking your business to the next level.

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The Value of Tenders

Tendering is the process by which government agencies look to procure goods, services and works from the private sector. Governments globally buy a vast range of goods and services requiring a broad base of suppliersAccording to some sources, government procurement accounts for around 10 – 20% of national GDP while the worldwide value of public tenders is roughly $10,000 billion. This represents a significant portion of the global economy and tremendous possibilities for business.  Moreover trends in procurement mean that the opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to compete for tenders are expanding like never before.

Finding the right tender opportunities for your business however can still be a slow, manual process across a wide range of diverse sources.  Many sites that do the work for you also charge for this service, requiring a subscription fee to access their data. SupplyFinder is different. Bringing together a huge range of sources all over the world, SupplyFinder has one of the largest databases of tenders on the internet. And what’s more, our service is free to users.

Tenders on SupplyFinder

value of tenders
Unearthing tender opportunities can still be a slow manual process

You can leverage SupplyFinder’s portal to access over 250,000 public tender notices with new tenders published daily. Our system provides you with user-friendly search and follow functions for the sector or area relevant to you which can be displayed in your “My Tags” homepage, or you can subscribe to SupplyFinder’s premium tenders alert service to have fresh, targeted tenders delivered directly to your inbox. Information is crucial to gaining a competitive edge. Through SupplyFinder, you never need to miss out on vital tender opportunities again.

Our search functionality is cutting edge, combining innovative search technology and language processing to enable you to easily discover and track the tender opportunities relevant to you across our intuitive interface.

What Tender Information Can I Find?

SupplyFinder combines sources from all over the globe, including those from major economies, emerging economies and regional sources to bring you an exhaustive range of tender opportunities in every sector. We work hard to provide you with as much information as possible on every tender, including opening and closing dates, detailed contract terms and information, and contact details.

tenders information
We supply you with tenders information so that you can act on it

At SupplyFinder, we supply you with information so that you can act on it, not waste time searching for it.

Access SupplyFinder’s global tender platform here