Why SupplyFinder? Business Opportunities at Your Fingertips

SupplyFinder’s innovative new multi-language global platform encourages and supports a world of co-operation in which more is achieved together. Supplyfinder offers a single, free point of access to essential knowledge and information covering 195 countries and 23 sectors in nine strategic languages while also providing a worldwide professional network for business opportunities. Focused on unlocking trade and commerce to global participation, it would be hard to find reasons not to use SupplyFinder.


User Benefits

Created for users, SupplyFinder’s no-cost premium service offers far more to the global business community than just another online social media network. Among its many user benefits, the portal enables organisations and professionals to attract investment funding, skills and technology from around the world and to benefit from a global trade network. It provides speedy access to the latest business opportunities, from aid procurement to approved projects and tenders. Furthermore, SupplyFinder is a multilingual environment, meaning that users can navigate the site in seven of the world’s strategic languages.

Business Opportunities

SupplyFinder has the world’s largest, aggregated tenders and procurement databases available to users at no cost. Users are able to search up-to-date and active public procurement and private sector announcements for projects in all of SupplyFinder’s 195 countries and 23 sectors. New business opportunities are added on a daily basis. Moreover through SupplyFinder’s SME Matchmaker service you can browse the opportunities submitted by other members to unearth nuggets of opportunity for your business as well as submit your own.

SupplyFinder Network

Users are invited to create a professional profile and to build a network of contacts. They are also encouraged to add the organisations they represent to SupplyFinder. Each user has the ability to post personal notifications and promote projects, business ideas or requirements to a global audience. In addition, users are provided with their own personal messaging facility to make interaction with fellow users fast and effective to access business opportunities quickly.

A World of Information and Knowledge

business opportunity is easy with supplyfinder

SupplyFinder delivers a vast virtual library of knowledge and information, providing a uniquely broad offering of highly topical and current news, publications and relevant organisational contacts for sectors and countries across the globe.

SupplyFinder News is a tailored approach to receiving and accessing relevant news content. On a daily basis SupplyFinder curates industry news from a wide range of global sources to deliver up to the minute, vital intelligence on industry developments for any sector and/or country in which you are interested. Users can access relevant news in multiple languages with the facility to search for specific headlines or subject matter.

Supplyfinder Library consolidates a wide range of written and visual content and reports designed to keep users well informed on country and sector developments and the investment environment and potential business opportunities. Up to date reports and publications are added daily meaning that fresh content is consistently available. Documents and videos are provided not only in English but also sourced from a range of global languages helping to ensure access to information.

SupplyFinder provides access to global business opportunities

SupplyFinder Directory helps users locate and connect with key government agencies and private sector organisations critical to trade and investment. SupplyFinder has aggregated information from global sources to provide users the ability to find information and contact details for relevant organisations covering all of Supplyfinder’s 195 countries and 23 sectors. The listings include export credit agencies, trade associations, development funds and economic free zones. Also listed are worldwide think tanks, where users can tap into valued information, research and analysis from experts in the fields of politics and economics.

SupplyFinder Events provides users with highly current and validated information on relevant industry events, conferences and trade missions. On a daily basis SupplyFinder checks and aggregates information from a wide range of global sources to maintain a calendar of world events and trade missions. A unique feature of SupplyFinder Events is the ability for users to add their own events reaching a global audience.

Business opportunities and tenders at Supplyfinder

Structured to be simple and enjoyable to navigate, SupplyFinder really could not be easier to use. However, should a user require assistance with any aspect of the site, they can contact [email protected] for assistance.

And that is not all! SupplyFinder’s development plan promises the addition of further user benefits. The next facility to launch will enable users to post recruitment vacancies free of charge and view worldwide job opportunities.

SupplyFinder has harnessed the internet to cut across logistics and language barriers – it has opened the door of global opportunity.

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