Uzbekistan Conducts Efficient State and Public Control in the Sphere of Labor

On October 7, 2016 the Federation of Trade Unions organized a conference on the theme "The national dialogue on the issues of the future of labor sphere" on the occasion of the

The Shackles That (Still) Bind International Trade

THE ‘PROBLÉMATIQUE’ Notwithstanding the continued march of globalism, cross-border global trade remains plagued by multiple barriers. These impede economic development, particularly in emerging market (EM) economies, and for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EMs account for over 85% of the global population, almost 60%

Behind the Scenes, Berlin and Beijing Are Forging a New World Order

Geopolitics are on the move with a possibly violent upheaval in the offing. Earlier this month, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Xi Jinping of China donned the mantle of globalism – promising to carry the torch about to be

Transfer Pricing in the Oil and Gas Industry

ITIC’s Oil and Gas Taxation and Regulatory Dialogue recently submitted comments on The Platform for Collaboration on Tax’s “Discussion Draft: A Toolkit for Addressing Difficulties in Accessing Comparables Data for Transfer Pricing Analysis.” The toolkit “is designed to assist developing countries